Having been saved by Usopp from the Hobi Hobi curse, Hajrudin immediately grew to admire Usopp to the point where he held Usopp in the air before all the other slaves to proclaim him as their savior. However, when Kuro openly insulted Kaya, breaking her heart in the process, Usopp forgot his fear and flew into a rage, attempting to strike Kuro once again. Usopp has developed other attacks unrelated to projectiles, though they are mainly jokes. After Franky joined the crew, Usopp gladly let him take over maintaining the ship, even agreeing to Franky's request to assist him. In the anime, Usopp didn't take Sanji's "only alive" bounty condition seriously, joking that Sanji probably messed around with a Marine's girlfriend and probably wanted to kill Sanji himself. When he left the crew, he said that he felt inferior to the rest of the crew because of their courage and superhuman strength. He later became Usopp's teacher and helped train him in the 2 years the Straw Hats were separated in order to become "the true king of snipers". Usopp grew to trust Robin during the Jaya arc and following the Skypiea arc. The "true" Sogeking has been known to break character on occasion, speaking in Usopp's normal voice and temporarily dropping his fearless demeanor. Usopp did not get along with Sanji at first. Usopp also agreed with Zoro about Sanji possibly becoming lovestruck with his fiance and going along with the marriage, which fortunately did not come to pass. Usopp begins crying to Zoro, stating that Brook was, "making him jealous." Long nose-san you can become my clone but the problem is your nose fufufufu :) (c) to the owner-Nico Robin. Usopp Imitates Robin - One Piece Funny Scene. Additionally, Abdullah even called those that pursued the bounties of the Donquixote Pirates enemies "shameless" for their lack of gratitude to the ones who saved them from slavery.[30]. After the Dressrosa Arc, Franky has gotten a small grudge on Usopp, because now his bounty is higher than his own and Usopp gloated about it but they are still friends, though that didn't stop Franky choking Usopp a little. His "I-can't-go-on-this-island-or-I'll-die-disease" is still the same as shown when he did not want to go to Punk Hazard, even despite the fact he understood the strength of his crew members. Usopp also has an uncanny understanding of psychological warfare. After the Skypiea Arc, he has started using Dials for attacks such as using the Breath Dial to house explosive gas, using the Flash Dial to blind his foes, and using the Impact Dial to absorb and return blows. Height: Both Sanji and Usopp deeply enjoyed Whisky Peak and slept though the midnight battle. When fighting to protect the Giants, it was one of the few moments Usopp showed absolute bravery and confidence against a superior opponent. "Usopp" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Usopp menuju ke atas menara, dan darisana dia menembaki Spandam dan angkatan laut lain yang menyandera Robin. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Chopper, Usopp, and Luffy playing in the grass. Unlike Franky who focuses on heavy arsenals, Usopp focuses on the light arsenals. When fighting Perona, Usopp accurately deduced the true capabilities of her Horu Horu no Mi and correctly figured out that Perona was actually using Astral Projection, hiding her physical body inside a room instead of seemingly being intangible like a Logia. Usopp is also a highly analytical tactician with incredible ingenuity in battle, able to use deception and cunning strategies to fight and defeat enemies who are physically more powerful than him. While many of his attributes lie mainly in his ability to hit nearly anything he sets his sights on with his slingshot, he is now shown to be strong enough to keep both Robin, Luffy, and himself afloat in freezing water. in contrast to his usual more masculine and casual "ore" (俺, "ore"?). Everyone except for Luffy and Chopper realized right away that Sogeking was Usopp at the sight of Usopp's significantly long nose. Usopp and Chopper (and sometimes Nami) are easily terrified, running like the wind when monsters and strong foes appear, and the pair will often cower behind stronger crewmates. Because of his own cowardly nature, Usopp is sympathetic towards the plight of Law's captured crewmates at Wano and would not fault them if they did reveal Kin'emon's plans to the Beasts Pirates as he would do the same if he was in their position. The exact workings of the Kabuto are unknown, except that the five bands increase stability (and thus range), and the Dials in the instrument add spin to the ammunition similar to rifling to increase damage and accuracy, as well as allowing Usopp to choose a variety of different Dial effects to add to each shot. Also, he was happy to hear Cavendish praising Usopp for saving him. Usopp was naturally terrified of Brook when he first appeared on the crew and tried to ward him off with a crucifix and was against the idea of Brook joining the crew even after finding out he was harmless Usopp stated "I wouldn't be able to sleep with a skeleton walking around". Usopp was once angry with Brook when Brook unknowingly made an insensitive joke about Arlong when they first met Hody Jones at Ryugu Palace, particularly because the effect of Hody's declaration of continuing Arlong's dream was having on Nami, since unlike Usopp, Brook is unaware of her past. Both Usopp and Franky became hostages of CP9 along with Robin until they were saved by Sanji. 3:18 #705 Nami tells Luffy that hes in the Snakes stomach - Luffy imitates Usopp. Usopp is revealed to be Yasopp's son. Robin was surprised but still refused to go with the sniper. Usopp will still cower behind Zoro as seen in Zou when encountering the minks. An example of scientific knowledge is in his battle against Caesar Clown. He understood that even though Caesar Clown had the Gasu Gasu no Mi, therefore making him a Logia type, he would still explode if he was exposed to fire as he was still just gas. This, coupled with him getting easily distracted or confused in battle have often made him less effective than his real potential as a sniper. Oda also states that this is because Usopp is the only one in the entire crew who is the closest in strength as compared to a regular human. The pirates had a tearful disbandment when Usopp decided to leave and become a real pirate. In the Enies Lobby Arc, Usopp introduced a new weapon, the "Kabuto", his second slingshot with five bands connected to a long staff. After the timeskip, Usopp is shown to be very adept in using Pop Greens, as shown when he defeated some of the Fake Straw Hat Crew by creating a carnivorous plant that resembled a monstrous venus flytrap with tendrils. Usopp is also an adept liar, which can be useful in certain situations. I used to bluff better in the past, but now I can actually do these things! Usopp Imitates Robin English Dubbed. However, as the comic relief character, he is often made fun of. In another battle with some of the New Fish-Man Pirate lackeys, Usopp is also seen using a particular type of Pop Green that makes bamboo shoots erupt from the ground, impaling or gouging his enemies. Usopp telling Kaya about one of his many 'adventures'. Usopp Imitates Robin - One Piece Funny Scene. S[7] Alias: Usopp When Daddy discovers that Usopp is the son of Yasopp, who was his old rival, Daddy issued a challenge where Usopp had to hit a far off weather-vane with his slingshot on the first try. In defeat, Usopp dealt a large blow to Trebol as he indirectly knocked Sugar out, which caused her curse to be broken and ironically destroyed everything Trebol's crew worked for.[31]. Manga post-timeskip Although many of his lies are outrageous, they've been shown to be a useful distraction at times; especially against gullible opponents. Every day he would tell the same lie, that his father had returned to take them away, hoping it would keep her hopes high and help her to recover. One of Usopp's prominent abilities is his resourcefulness and understanding towards engineering (such as easily understanding the tunnel networks made by Miss Merry Christmas). He prefers to use improvised weapons (like his hammers) as he lacked martial art skills. They have also bonded over their ability and mutual fondness for engineering and both tend to the ship together, upgrading and maintaining it. Even when the Merry was swallowed by a giant goldfish, Usopp's belief in them did not waver that they would keep their word and let nothing stand in their way. Usopp was not disheartened and told that Iceburg had revealed her real motive to the crew. After the time skip, Usopp was happy to see his captain again. Usopp has awakened his Kenbunshoku Haki during the latter half of the Dressrosa revolt, as he was able to see auras of Luffy, Law, and Sugar, who were in the royal palace, from the old King's Plateau near the Corrida Colosseum. It is said by Merry back at Syrup Village that Usopp started lying that pirates were coming to the village, hoping that his father would come back. After they separated at Dressrosa and they reunited at Zou, Chopper jumped into Usopp's arms, overjoyed to see him. Sogeking is Usopp's alter-ego that he developed during the Water 7 and Enies Lobby Arcs after he left the crew. Franky also told Usopp that he liked him and asked him to join him as a ship dismantler, but Usopp declined because he would rather stay as a pirate. While not at the same level as Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe, Usopp's endurance and willpower is considerably strong. He thinks they don't take him seriously because he shows obvious fear by his legs shaking as he talks, but Usopp is touched when they reveal that they are helping him because they admire his courage and determination.Despite his own fears and shortcomings, Usopp continues to draw strength from this faith in him as the crew grows larger, and decides that he will always do his utmost to help the crew. Sanji was the one to ultimately inspire Usopp to see the value inside himself saying that while he (Sanji) was physically stronger and could do what Usopp couldn't do, Usopp possessed skill to save Robin and could do what he "couldn't do". He seems to have become more prideful in himself after Dressrosa, as he was ecstatic to receive a 200,000,000 bounty, when before, he would be terrified of any bounty he received. The only immediately clear difference is that it is colored black and has a smaller size (whereas the first Kabuto was a staff, the new one is nearly the same size as his original slingshot). Usopp also has extremely sharp eyesight, and has on more than one occasion seen or noticed things before his crewmates. Residence: She immediately confided with and put trust into him, despite not knowing each other prior, and Usopp was greatly impressed with her firework making skills and maturity. Unlike the other former toys who pursued the bounties of Doflamingo's enemies the two stayed on their "God's" side and wanted to take Doflamingo's head as repayment. L'archeologa ha instaurato un profondo legame con Franky a Enies Lobby e spesso i due formano un duo formidabile, come dimostrato a Thriller Bark. Kaya is in debt with her friend Usopp and has grown very fond of him since he saved her life, more so than she ever had been in the past. He also understood that a plan would not work as Caesar Clown was in control of the gases around him and that if he removed the oxygen from the atmosphere, the flame would no longer burn.Â. While he says "Sogeking", it does not indicate whether he is merely surprised that someone is impersonating him or actually believes it is the real Sogeking although when he reunites with Chopper, Usopp and Nami tell Chopper that they are impostors.[21]. 17 (debut)[8] 19 (after timeskip)[9][10] Banchina was Usopp's mother. She was willing to listen to Usopp's tales knowing he was a liar, yet incapable of accepting some of the grim realities when the stories become serious about Klahadore, believing the butler to be loyal and faithful to her. Sogeking's trademark mask is from the Sea Train Puffing Tom: as Sanji leaves the last car of the Sea Train, the mask is visible sitting in an open suitcase. Official English Name: One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Usopp has grown exceptionally from this experience and now trusts Luffy and the crew implicitly; dedicating his time-skip training to becoming stronger for his captain's sake. Because of her defeat, she harbors a grudge against Usopp for losing her first fight. This technique allowed Usopp to capture Caesar, along with Buffalo and Baby 5. While Usopp has yet to be shown interacting with his father, Usopp has remained proud of him even though he took the path of a pirate. Chopper loves Usopp's stories and often falls for his tall tales, and Usopp, in turn, loves Chopper's hero worship of him and makes a point to act cool in front of his "younger brother". Kappei Yamaguchi However, her power had little effect on Usopp, who got to his feet claiming that he could not become negative because he already is negative, even saying it in a brag-like way. As Franky pointed out, his skills are amateur and he barely knows how to use a hammer correctly for such jobs. )[6]; "Hana Arashi" (鼻嵐, Hana Arashi?) He gets along with Nami but, like Chopper, is often intimidated by her sometimes violent behavior. Tamanegi, Ninjin, Piiman and Kaya were also able to recognize him, though they claimed no one else in Syrup Village did.[20]. During the climax of the Enies Lobby Arc, Usopp helped Robin escape the clutches of Spandam by sniping him and the Marines from the Tower of Justice. However in the wake of Donquixote Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates defeat at the hands of the Straw Hat Pirates and Heart Pirates Alliance, the Marines have issued new bounties for the entire Straw Hat crew, resulting in Usopp's wanted poster being upgraded with his true name and face (albeit an unflattering photo of Usopp while he was unconscious), while his bounty was increased to 200,000,000 along with his new epithet, God for his role in knocking out Sugar and freeing all the Toy slaves which ultimately led to Doflamingo's years of deception being exposed. However, she knew he would never return and before her death she told Usopp that she was glad he had gone out to sea. Though he was pleased Usopp was safe, Zoro still prevented Luffy from letting him rejoin the crew as Zoro wouldn't let anybody (even friends) disrespect his Captain. Thus, the sniper swallowed his pride and apologized, earning his place back in the crew. He still has the utmost faith in his captain. Oh man, I'm losing my edge. He is still reasonably frightened of danger that is beyond his ability though, such as Luffy and Zoro popping the coating bubble while deep under the sea or the White Strom, or when traveling on Green Bit when he was adamant that he and Robin stay close together. Usopp saved Robin from being a toy and was tended to her after the toys revolted against the Donquixote Pirates. When Sugar regained consciousness and attempted to transform Luffy and Law into toys, he chose to exploit Sugar's new found trauma towards his tatabasco agonized face by having Kanjuro use his Devil Fruit to create the Bagworm, a doll shaped bullet in the visage of his Ganmen Bikkuri Bako, which he fired towards Sugar, effectively stopping her. Usopp also has some skill with hair cutting since he and Robin act as the crew's hairdressers.[20]. The trio ann… Upon Usopp's introduction, the crew only consisted of Luffy, Zoro, and Nami.