Half of the train travellers come to the station by bicycle and the growth of our OV-fiets service is overwhelming,” CEO of NS Roger van Boxtel noted. Then enjoy the freedom of taking your bike with your on the train! There are no cheap advance purchase rail fares available, you can just turn up at the station and purchase a ticket at the standard fare. If you have a Mijn NS account or a Mijn NS Zakelijk account, you can use this to log in and register journeys. On workdays, outside rush hour. Answer 1 of 4: Hi all I have a question; We're currently in Amsterdam and have hired bikes for the next few days. You just need to get the front wheel on, and hold it in place by applying the brakes and making sure it doesn't tip backwards. Most people are understanding, it sucks having to tell a grumpy old lady that she has to move, but that is the way it is (done it). If you are getting on at the same time with some other cyclists it makes sense that the person who goes furthest puts his bike in first. Conditions per train. No, you are not obliged to register your train journey and/or your bicycle. The man in seat 61 has some good general information about taking your bicycle in the train various European countries. Can I take my bike on Dutch trains? A distinctive feature of the Netherlands is the strong position of cyclists on the roads. On city buses there is sometimes a wheel chair section where some bikes can fit. Below you can read the possibilities to take your bike with you with each carrier: With the train to Belgium: Intercity Brussels, Eurostar, TGV and Thalys; With the train to France: Thalys and TGV There are many bicycle parking stations , particularly in city centres and at train stations, some of which hold many thousands of bicycles. Some regional trains are run by some other companies like Arriva, Syntus, Connexxion and Veolia. {br1} It is not possible to make a reservation for a domestic route. All trains have at least one, sometimes there are more compartments for bicycles. Most stairs have gutters on the side where you can take your bike in, but this is awkward at best. This means you are not allowed to take it on a train that leaves at 8:59, although you can get a fine the conductor will usually show some leniency, just don't piss them off. This way you can still bike to and from the station, but you don’t have take your … This is usually announced on the website of the railway company (NS). If there is no room, then you may not take your bicycle. The requirements stand […] Domestic rail fares in the Netherlands are fixed and depend on distance travelled. This enables us to inform you if the expected crowding increases, or if your train is cancelled. Of course, you also need a valid ticket. Contact NS Customer Service. After registering, you will be redirected to ‘My registrations’. Do not leave any (small) valuable items in bags that are on the bicycle when you are not staying close to it. It is especially busy on the train in summer, and it's possible that not all bicycles will be able to come on the train. You'll be amazed by how much territory you can cover on these bike tours of The Netherlands. Means of transport other than those mentioned on this page are not allowed. It's up the bus driver to decide if you can take your bicycle. In other words, over-ground trains will depart as frequently as those running on a metro system. International traintickets Comfortable travel with Thalys, ICE International, Eurostart, Intercity Brussels or Intercity Berlin Given the trouble it takes to take a bicycle on and off the train you want to have as few trains as possible. Personally I find taking bicycles up the escalator easier. Car travel is not included. To replace one train there are various buses. It is valid the whole day for any destination within the country as long as you have a valid ticket for yourself as well. There are different train models. You can only take your bike on the train during off-peak hours. Use bike racks on the train if they are available, which usually involve wedging or lifting your front wheel into a small rack. Bike Rental in Amsterdam. You need to keep your bicycle at a very specific angle to keep your pedals from bump into things and to keep your bicycle (luggage) away from the wall. 3830/31, 3835, 3837, 3839, 3842, 3854/55, 3856/57 and 3858. On weekends, holidays and during July and August, you can take your bicycle on the train at any time during the day, including rush hour. However, for many visitors the enduring appeal of the Netherlands is in the country's laid-back ways and quiet commitment to the good life. We recommend that you register for your trip and sign up your bike first before you buy a Fietskaart Dal online. All you need is an e-mail address and a password that you choose yourself. An Intercites train (bike reservations needed) also links Marseille St Charles station directly with Toulouse. What’s more, taking your bike on the train is a well-organised process in the Netherlands. How to buy your ticket, important things to know about train travel and convenient train travel websites. The NS does currently (2013) not have information about taking a bicycle on the train on their English website, but here is the link to the official page These tickets are currently only available online or from the NS OV Service & Tickets counter. With over 400 train station, traveling by train in the Netherlands is an excellent option to explore the country. If you do not have an NS account, you can easily create one. See reviews and photos of top-rated bike tours on Tripadvisor. As the train might shake while braking and changing tracks your bicycle is at risk of falling over. There’s likely no place in the world where cycling is as popular as in the Netherlands. They will cost up to €1.20 per day. In the Netherlands, there is a safety net for cyclists who run into trouble. Every train has at least one bicycle storage area, the doors of the compartment are marked with a bicycle symbol. One time we encountered a man who did not understand the rules. There is usually no way to get in first, so just wait until everybody gets in. Mountain biking in the Netherlands is one of the best ways to explore more of this area of Europe. You should really check it before you leave, and reroute your trip, but that is not always possible. If there are other bikes on the train, place your front wheel near their back. When you have a ticket for your bicycle your bicycle has priority over people sitting in the folding seats. Bike problems along the way? I would not recommend using the stairs with your bicycle, it's annoying and you can damage your bicycle or hurt yourself. It is not necessary to lock your bicycle in the train, but it does help the wheels from turning and thus the bike from moving by itself. However, you can still take the regular train up to the border and then get on the Belgian or German train there, but they have different rules for taking on bicycles. Cycling in the Netherlands is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore more of this part of Europe. in the western Netherlands without the need for a timetable. For most travellers, this e-mail address is linked to an NS account. You can bring a folding bicycle with you on the train for free, even during peak hours, as long as it is folded. This will let you see how much space is left in the train for your bike before you set off, and you'll be helping us to achieve a more effective distribution of travellers. Having some straps to keep you bike in place is very useful as the bus shakes and bounces around even more than the train. After registering, you will be redirected to ‘My registrations’. This rule also applies if you check in before rush hour but travel during rush hour. Bike, tandem or bike trailer on the train. Find the terms & conditions that apply to registering for a train journey, with or without a bike, below (Treinwijzer T&Cs). There are even guidelines for this: You can take your bike on Dutch trains: At weekends, on public holidays and in July and August. Using a stern voice and say something along the lines of "Please do not enter yet!" Sprinter trains – what we all associate with being the sh*t trains, as they are less comfy, small and don’t have toilets. The railway company hires some temporary workers to help out people, and local bus companies, so all of the afore mentioned rules go out of the window. Off-peak hours are on weekdays from 0.00 - 6.30, from 9.00 - 16.00 and from 18.30 - 24.00, and all day on weekends and on holidays. Looking at a mature bike culture like Amsterdam & The Netherlands, the Bay Area solutions for bicycles on public transit seem more of a temporary solution because of a lack of infrastructure. In general, use 2 locks of different kinds (for example, one chain lock and one tube lock). An NS train ticket for bicycles is also valid for these trains. After creating your account, you just need to confirm your e-mail address once to be able to log in. An Off-peak Bicycle Ticket enables you to take your bicycle, recumbent bike, racing bike, electric bike or tandem with you in the designated part of the train for a day. All of this is much less a problem in some of the newer trains, they are called Sprinters (colored white) and are much more spacious and have much more easily accessible bicycle storage. {br2} The elevator is the safest choice for taking your bicycle. You can rent bikes from most large train stations. Thankfully the newer elevators seem to be a lot more spacious. When you sign up, you'll immediately see how many spots are left for your bike on the train. Try to plan your trip accordingly, a train that takes you right to your destination but leaves later or takes longer is usually preferable over switching between two or more trains. The best bike storage spaces are the ones with the seats that fold up, they are more spacious that the other kinds. We would like to ask you to register via the Treinwijzer first. If you want to take your bicycle with you in the train, then register it, and remember to purchase an Off-peak Bicycle Ticket. One time there were 6 bicycles in there, before we stopped I asked people to leave at the other end of the carriage so that we could unload the bicycles first. You can register a new train journey by using the NS app or by logging into the Treinwijzer. When the train is crowded or when it is just a short ride I prefer to sit close to the bicycle. or "Move out of the way" has worked for me. As soon as the train arrives at the station you start looking for the doors with the bicycle symbol on them. Train Fares in the Netherlands. The electric bike belonged to a children’s day care centre and was taking children to school, police say When they are folded they are just like regular luggage. Nobody listened. Would love to cycle down there but not sure we can take our bikes? However, we do ask you to register your journeys. All travellers entering the Netherlands on bus, train, plane, or ship from December 29 must show a negative coronavirus test to their carrier. Before you leave, check which rules apply for your train journey. Usually there are other people with bicycles, strollers and sometimes wheelchairs that you gave to wait for. Please only put your bicycle in the specially designated places on the train. On the touring buses you can sometimes fit in bicycles in the cargo hold on the bottom laying on their side. Unfortunately many of the older elevators are designed for a wheelchair or stroller and a handler, and can barely fit one standard bicycle, with some creativity you can fit on two. In the Netherlands it is fairly common to take your bicycle on the train, nevertheless it can still be quite a hassle and there are some things that you need to take into account. Sometimes the elevators are hidden in remote corner and take a while to find. An NS train ticket for bicycles is also valid for these trains. On that line, you must book a space for your bicycle and pay a €5 fee to bring it aboard trains nos. The downside is are mostly used for short distances, stop at every small station and don't have any toilets on board. Happy to have got the bikes on the train, we settled down to the 2 ½ hour journey. You can stay with your bicycle and try and prevent this from happening, but the experienced travelers carry a strap with them to secure the bicycle to the special mounting points that every train has. So you can find your perfect The Netherlands bike ride, we’ve reviewed our full collection of cycling routes in the region to deliver the top 20. With a heavy bicycle it can be quite dangerous. It is valid the whole day for any destination within the country as long as you have a valid ticket for yourself as well.Some regional trains are run by some other companies like Arriva, Syntus, Connexxion and Veolia. You therefore need another ticket for your own journey in addition to your Off-peak Bicycle Ticket. When trying to get on the train people will often come and help you if it looks like you are struggling. We'll be happy to help you. Previously this requirement was only for plane passengers. You can take your bicycle with you from 09:00 and 16:00 and between 18:30 and 06:30. 5 Your bike travels free aboard daytime Intercités trains not requiring reservations, except on the Quimper-Nantes-Bordeaux-Toulouse line. Book effortlessly online with Tripadvisor! You can view an instruction video on ns.nl/en/treinwijzer.